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This was my weekend.

…and I am floating on air with smiles, inspiration, and motivation for more.

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Quantum Theory of Positivity

I’m still not quite sure what I feel about the movie ‘What the bleep do we know’ and its references to quantum physics and our relationship with ourselves and our environment. The movie spells out and explains an inspiring theory, and I love the part about the Japanese dude who does experiments with water molecules! I do know however, that I believe in the law of attraction.

Like attracts like. There’s no doubt about it in my mind. Positive thinking has tremendous powers on so many levels. The pure vibration of a positive thought can change the energy in a room. And positivity not only attracts itself but breeds even more positivity! So start thinking positive people, it will change your life!

I am a positive and spiritual person and so I find positive and spiritual friends, I don’t really go looking for them, or post ads on spiritualfriendfinders.com, they just seem to appear out of the ether and into my life, which is rather convenient. And I love them. The more positive changes I am making in my life, the more I notice these things, more awesome people are crossing my path and the people already in my life seem to be getting more awesome. I can clearly see that I am inspiring them more and they are doing the same for me. The growing strength of my beaming aura is encouraging other to grow and giving them confidence and motivation to beam also (Think Nelson Mandela’s 1994 Inauguration speech). And those not open or ready to be in contact with this energy will subconsciously be repelled.

It’s daunting when you’re not in a good space in life and you have a friend who is just beaming with grounded happiness. Sometimes they can be exactly what you need to pull you out of your slump, but sometimes you just can’t face them and all you want to do is retreat to a small hole and die. Or perhaps be around some other people who are in a similar space as you so you can talk about the shittyness of life together. Like attracts like. When you feel shitty, the molecules in your body want more shittyness. When you feel lazy, everyday your arse glues just a little bit more of itself to your couch. When you feel fat, your stomach rolls ask for nothing more than cheesecake and ice-cream…

But when you are feeling clean and fresh, healthy and positive, there is nothing you would rather do on a Saturday than go for a long early morning walk in the sun and spend the day riding bikes around the city with the happiest friend you know.


Dry day # 3

Tonight is the third night of my personal alcohol detoxification program, or is it the fourth? It’s actually been so easy I’ve already lost track! Once I had my mind and body prepared for what was happening it’s been all good. ‘I’m not drinking tonight’ is a decision that gets made, if you feel a craving for wine or alcohol then eat an orange, some grapes or a glass of juice and you’ll be fine, unless you’re a raging alcoholic. I’m not a big drinker but usually have a glass or two of red wine most nights. I’ve got a pretty sensitive internal ecosystem and I was really starting the feel some adverse effects on body and mind from this amount of consistent drinking.

What I’ve noticed so far…

I feel generally awesome.

My snappiness and short temper has almost all completely vanished already.

I am sleeping much better and feel more relaxed in my sleep and brighter in the morning, less in need of coffee asap.

I am more patient, focused, happy, feeling calm, balanced and relaxed.

Plus extra self-confident and proud that I’m proving to myself that I am in control of my body and mind rather than my body and mind, cravings, emotions, etc. being in control of me.


New feet

I run.

These days I am learning to walk, fitting with my new passion for all things slow, but I still run. Earlier this week as I was nearing the end of my morning run/walk (I am now mixing the two so as to get benefits from both!), I happened to be stopped waiting for a traffic light right in front of a running-shoe store and before I knew it my daggy old sneakers had dragged me inside.

I don’t like shopping. All those unnaturally shiny things blinding me with their newness while there are perfectly good and nice-looking items at vinnies down the road, pre-loved and 1/10th of the price. Plus you have the whole inconvenience of trying things on and off and then having to make decisions which is definitely not my forte! Besides I could probably save a whole family in Africa from dying of malnutrition for the price of a new pair of running shoes from this shop.

But I’m a sucker for sales-men.

I’ve had my old running shoes for about 3 years now. And if we were to do the math, that’s about 1095 days, running on average 8km 4 times a week, that’s about 1600km/year and nearly 5000km in 3 years. Woah! Moral of the story is my old running shoes are long dead.

So as a little present for my self for all the positive steps towards health and balance that I’ve been making lately, I took the leap into a swanky new pair of shoes. Now the newly infused energy in my tootsies will hopefully make its way into my whole being to spur on my inspiration and motivation for life and living it to the full. Surrounded by good people, positive thinking, self-confidence and a grounded and calm approach to all things. I am loving being alive.


Georgia O’keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz

“What you see is not an apple tree, nor roundness, nor a bath. It is shapes in relationship. The imagination playing within the surface.”-Alfred Stieglitz

On Wednesday I attended a most civilized evening at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Artist talk: Janine Burke, author, ‘Source: nature’s healing role in art and writing’, in association with Alfred Stieglitz: the Lake George years.


‘One of the most influential figures in 20th-century American art, Alfred Stieglitz was among the first to recognise the power of photography as an artistic and poetic medium.’

Stieglitz’s exhibition was insightful and moving but it is his photographs of O’keeffe that hold my eyes in trance. There is something about this woman, not just her art and her life, but her face and her eyes, I see something that I imagine Stieglitz also saw. She is otherworldly, completely disengaged with the camera but at the same time so completely engaging in herself. Looking into her eyes, her hands, her expressions, I feel like I’m swimming into a bottomless sea of emotion. Her eyes look sad, beautifully sad, like she has seen things she would rather not have seen.

Now can someone tell me when I am going to walk into the gallery of an arty older man who will be intrigued by my deep, dark beauty and take me on as his muse/soon to be wife? Then I would like my own ranch in New Mexico to get away to for my own artistic inspiration please.

Georgia O’keeffe is my hero.

Ghost ranch: http://www.okeeffemuseum.org/her-houses.aspx

And thank you.

(I’d rather he not be German though)


This is why.

A fellow Australian on the importance of documentary photography with some incredible images of Australia’s bushfires and the world’s natural disasters.


And Steve Christo on emotion in photography,

“It’s all about emotion. You’ve got to get emotion in a picture. If you don’t get that, then you’re just a normal person with a camera… You want to inspire people with your photography. That’s a big thing, to inspire. As a kid you always want to be inspired by someone…”


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