Sunday morning scones

It’s 9:11 on Sunday morning and I’m making scones. There was a commitment to posting no photos on this blog which is going to be especially hard to stick to today but I will. Instead I will paint the delicious scone picture with words.

Where did the inspiration to bake scones today come from? Well I’ve posted previously about my passion for tea. The ritual behind scones gives me this same comforting feeling that a warm cup of milky tea does. Scones remind me of childhood and my grandma. Usually I visit my grandma every Sunday morning and we have croissants and coffee and then play Canasta (a French card game) which is probably my favourite ritual of all time. She’s French and so is the ritual, which she’s been doing pretty much since she was born in the South of France in 1918. So it’s kind of special to me, and so is she. So today, just to mix it up a bit, I’m baking scones instead of buying croissants from the local baker.

I’m caring for my 92 year old grandma at the moment. Living with her full-time for 5 weeks while my aunt, her daughter, who usually lives with her goes away on a well-deserved holiday. I like to think of fun things to do with my gran while I’m here with her, like cooking her exciting food that she wouldn’t normally eat, playing games, listening to her stories and getting her out of the house and away from the TV, taking her places she wouldn’t usually go. She has a very definite rhythm and I think it’s really good for her to do some different things every now and then. I watched a shown a year or so ago about some really old dude who was so on the ball and all these other old people were asking him questions about what his secrets were. The one thing he said which stuck in my mind was that whenever he went somewhere, walking or driving, he would always try to take a different route so as to keep his mind and senses sharp. Very clever. When we get to used to something, whether it be a job, a recepie, a car route, a speech, we have done it a number of times so it becomes no longer challenging and we are no longer using our intellect to perform the task. And apparently this is why some people loose their mind, simply because they forget how to use them.

My grandma may be 92 but she’s doing pretty damn good. She doesn’t really need a whole lot of care, just someone to keep her company, drive her to bingo and church, cook her dinner and turn the tap or stove off when she forgets. And of course someone to be there if she was to have a fall. I know not all old people are pleasant but my grandma is the sweetest lady in the world and I love old people, they are awesome. Out of all things in the world, the thought of people shipping their parents and grandparents off to nursing homes where they are not treated well is what sends most shivers down my spine. As well as seeing little old ladies that can’t make it across the road quick enough before the little red man stops flashing and the impatient cars start revving their engines and scare her half to death.

Old people deserve to be looked after. They looked after us when we peed and pooed and threw up all over the house, lost weeks and months of sleep trying to clam us when we were up crying in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. They went to work every day of their life so that we could go to good schools and have decent food to eat. They made numerous sacrifices in their lives for us and now as soon as we are challenged with the sacrifice and potential burden of having to care for them, we palm them off on some stranger? This does not make sense. Would you not prefer to live the last years of your life in a familiar place with you family and people you love and trust? Or does the idea of a cold stark room with uncomfortable chairs, cardboard food and a big group of people whose family has also abandoned them sound better?? This does not make sense to me.

In India is it a culturally ingrained custom that the sons wife move into the parents home and the daughters move to where they marry. So the sons inherit the home, land and anything else from their father and in return make the commitment to be there with their parents as they get old. This is the family system and it works. There are no old people’s homes in village India, nor are there abandoned oldies on the streets. Old people are respected, people from other houses or sometimes other villages will come and visit these respected elders to get advice or simply be in their experienced and wise presence. They posses a life of knowledge and the insightful perspective of one at the last stage of life. This is a special and beautiful thing.

Cherish this.

5 Responses to “Sunday morning scones”

  1. July 11, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    I enjoyed reading of your fond feelings for your grandma and old people in general. For all the reasons you listed, they should be loved and respected. But sadly, they often aren’t. My parents are taking care of my grandma so she won’t be another story of a mistreated person in a nursing home. I do wish more people had your attitude toward old people; it’s so sad when even the cranky ones are treated horribly.

    • July 12, 2010 at 7:01 am

      Hi Jana, I just read over your comment again and the last line you wrote has only just sunken into my little brain. So true that even the oldies who have become snappy or bitter or absent-minded deserve to be treated with respect. As they do not have the choice now of how they behave, but those who care for them do.

  2. July 11, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    When I saw you talking about scones I got excited. The last two books I read had “tea time” in them. THe last two! I decide this is God telling me I need tea time, too. I drink coffee and lots of it. I have decided to get myself some “tea things”, and your telling of your grandma and tea time is so enchanting to me, as is the special relationship you share. You’re so fortunate to be able to document this time with her. You have a beautiful site.

    • July 11, 2010 at 5:22 pm

      Hey Lavender, I had a feeling you were a coffee drinker 🙂 I am also a major coffee fan, it definitely serves a certain purpose in life, but so does tea, and they are two very different things with different feelings surrounding both. Tea is more nurturing. Coffee is fabulous for productivity!


  3. July 11, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Thank you for visiting ladies. The scones were amazingly tasty, and also very quick and easy to make. I would highly recommend baking some on a sunday morning for someone you love and serving them with strawberry jam, whipped cream and some nice tea.

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