Dry day # 3

Tonight is the third night of my personal alcohol detoxification program, or is it the fourth? It’s actually been so easy I’ve already lost track! Once I had my mind and body prepared for what was happening it’s been all good. ‘I’m not drinking tonight’ is a decision that gets made, if you feel a craving for wine or alcohol then eat an orange, some grapes or a glass of juice and you’ll be fine, unless you’re a raging alcoholic. I’m not a big drinker but usually have a glass or two of red wine most nights. I’ve got a pretty sensitive internal ecosystem and I was really starting the feel some adverse effects on body and mind from this amount of consistent drinking.

What I’ve noticed so far…

I feel generally awesome.

My snappiness and short temper has almost all completely vanished already.

I am sleeping much better and feel more relaxed in my sleep and brighter in the morning, less in need of coffee asap.

I am more patient, focused, happy, feeling calm, balanced and relaxed.

Plus extra self-confident and proud that I’m proving to myself that I am in control of my body and mind rather than my body and mind, cravings, emotions, etc. being in control of me.

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July 2010

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