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‘Low-fat’ is making us fat.

I put some ‘light’ soy-milk in my coffee this morning and immediately regretted buying it. This so-called ‘low-fat’ alternative to regular soy-milk and it’s watery nothingness ruined my sacred coffee this morning. Wasn’t soy-milk supposed to be a healthy and lower-fat alternative to milk in the first place? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘I am never buying low-fat anything ever again’. Foods and drinks are meant to be made from natural substances that come with a certain amount of fat in them and they should stay that way for optimum taste, and sanity.

To be honest every time I go to buy milk, I stand in the aisle whilst a small war breaks out in my brain…

“…Get soy-milk, it’s healthier and I like it better anyway”,

“No I don’t, I’ve just told myself that cause I thought it was healthier”,

“Remember the news report I saw last week on how too much soy is making us fat? All that extra oestrogen I don’t need.”

“Normal milk is more natural and therefore should be better for me, it comes from a cow and not processed from some bean that was not intended to make milk from…”


So just like when I make toast and put peanut butter, jam and honey on it because I can’t decide and I like them all. I also alternate between cow’s milk, soy milk and occasionally some other alternatives just to make sure I’m not missing out on anything or getting too much of one thing. Moderation in everything is the key so they say.

Anyway, whether you choose soy, cow, goat, chicken, elephant or goose-milk… DO NOT BUY LOW FAT! It just does not taste good. And I’m pretty sure it’s not any better for you. I believe, especially with cow’s milk, that is has a whole lots of good nutrients, proteins etc. in it and if you take out the fat then you take out most of that good stuff too as it’s been processed once again. As it is it’s so hard these days to find organic, unhomogenised milk, which in Indian/Ayurvedic medicine is the ultimate pure food and full of goodness. So why do we insist to basterdise everything because we are so hung up on getting fat? To the extent that we eat things that not only are not good for us, but don’t taste good either, just because a label tells us it’s safe if we are watching our waste-line!

And besides, whenever I’m lining up to get a coffee at a coffeeshop, it’s mostly always larger people who order skim.

Full-fat not only makes you skinnier, but happier too!

August 2020

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