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Hormonal rollercoasters

Today, after my therapeutic walk and healthy lunch I purchased some organic pomegranate juice which will now be replacing 6pm wino.

Taking control and making positive steps and changes in personal health and wellbeing is extremely satisfying. And you get to reap the rewards so quickly, a short walk or a bit of stretching in the morning can completely turn your day and entire outlook  on life around! It really doesn’t take much.

I am usually a person of extremes. But this time, I’m making changes gradually so they are more likely to stick. First step was no more cigarettes. I have to admit, I miss the ciggies, I feel like I’ve had to abandon a very good friend, but it was an important part of my experimental health improvement process so had to be done. I’ve now been cigarette-free for over 2 weeks. Step 2 was to stop torturing myself with ridiculous amounts of unnecessary exercise and concerntrate on more slow and holistic activities like long walks in the great outdoors, yoga, and playing cards with my grandma. Now comes step 3, booze. Starting tonight. At 6pm I will drink watered-down pomegranet juice, yay! I’m not going to stop drinking all together, that would be silly. Just having a break to see what it feels like.

I’m a pretty nice, upbeat, positive and loving person but I have noticed that I’ve been getting a bit snappy lately for no apparent reason. I have a strong feeling that this is connected to hormone imbalance in my body caused by various types of stress, too much coffee, alcohol, ciggies & sugar. So slowly the plan next is to also start cutting down on sugar and coffee. And once I’ve done that and am super happy, healthy, focused and even more of a joy to be around, then my experiment will be done and I can go back to being a toxin machine again!


August 2020

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