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WordPress for teens

It just dawned on me this morning how much I would have appreciated blogging at the age of about 13-18. I think it would have really helped me find some much-needed support and self-expression through that tumultuous time. But alas I had no idea anything of the sort existed. Someone should start a special WordPress section especially for teens, wordpress.teen!


‘I want to be a writer’

I imagine there are a hell of a lot of people in the world who would like to write for a living. I’m not sure, it’s just a feeling. Just as I imagine the same for the amount of people who would like to be an artist or musician, actor or dancer. Then we must take out of the equasion those who would like to have a creative job just because it seems ‘fun’ compared to the perfectly good one that they have, and besides, they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

I’m talking specifically about those dear souls whose life-long dream is to write and whom actually possess the talent to do it, but don’t ever get around to having a go at making it happen.

Lets start with me for example! I have always loved writing, have always been told that I’m good at it, had things published while at school, very supportive feedback from my comical travel emails, blogs etc. etc. But life has not as yet lead me down the writing road in any sort of career/money-making sense, or even recreationally for that matter. I’m pretty self-centered these days so I wouldn’t really bother writing something if I didn’t intend for someone to read it, there are a few exceptions to this but it’s pretty much the case for the moment. So I’ve done some writing with photo-blogging and wrote a few little things to do with travel but not a whole lot.

I had my palm read last weekend. Apparently I have a writers fork on my palm and will be an excellent writer if I so choose. But what do I write? I don’t feel like spending 3 years to study journalism to work under crazy deadlines and mostly write about things I’m not really interested in. I also don’t particularly want to write a book. Maybe one day, but not now. I want to write organically and passionately, I want my readers to see the depth of my soul and feel that depth of their own through my words. I want to explore the constant divine thread that joins us all. I want to ignite inner joy and peace and love in anyone who is open to receive and share. This is my Sangha, spiritual or not, everyone is welcome.

And for now, just to start putting some words from my head and my heart out there into the Ether… I blog.

August 2020

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